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What’s a NoBo?

The NoBo Neighbor grew, like most things, out of a need that was identified. In its roots, The Nobo Neighbor started as SHOP Bellevue, a Facebook group and accompanying Instagram to positively highlight the businesses, services and products readily available to Bellevue, Pennsylvania residents.

The challenge? Residents of Bellevue, PA and its neighboring North Boroughs communities are interdependent in many ways, sharing schools, businesses and even street names! While we all share a common identity as “just north of Pittsburgh”, each community has its own ecosystem with its own pride and challenges. It was difficult to draw a line in the sand that was explicitly “Bellevue” while still providing the positive voice our community was embracing. Simultaneously, our region has limited news coverage of any nature, nevermind impactful and unbiased.

As a seasoned journalist with years of writing experience, I saw a need I could fill and bridge the gap – and unify the towns of Avalon, Bellevue, Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, Kilbuck, Avonworth, Emsworth, West View and Brighton Heights, with some Ross Township for good measure. Yes, I realize this is a map that takes in areas not traditionally connected, but to be honest, if a story from Sewickley would benefit local residents, I’d include it.

The faces of “towns” have changed. We need to grow and morph with them. We need to celebrate and encourage our own businesses and community quirks, while also weaving a story between these communities to assure their strength and economic stability. The sharing of communication and a unified identity does just that.

And so, The NoBo Neighbor was born.

We’re your neighbors, your friends, your customers and clients and we’re here to share your story. We have kids that play on the same sports teams, and maybe compete too. We come to you to get our hair cut and to buy a great gift for our spouse. We’ve eaten at your restaurant, or we keep meaning to try it. There is nothing more hyperlocal than a community writing about itself. We’re here to build you up because it benefits us all to do so.

To meet our writers, click here and keep an eye out for them in the community! They would love to hear your ideas!

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