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I launched The NoBo Neighbor in February of 2020. The goal of the site was to be a positive repository for news about people, events and businesses in the North Boros of Pittsburgh.
As someone who worked in a newsroom for a decade, I know the constraints on local news sources today. Often, newspapers and tv crews only show up for the really big stuff, good or bad.
But what about the everyday wins?
What about a local landmark convenience story with delicious food and a penchant for philanthropy? What about an updated community garden or a map for holiday lights? Where could you go for walkable things to do this weekend?
That was the dream. And we started off strong with a team of excited reporters from all walks of life with a host of different interests. We wanted to do something great!
And then the world shut down.
There were no community events to speak of; no one was leaving their house. There were no school plays to cover; kids were remote.
In truth, things got pretty bleak in the world.
In response, we created the first “open business” database in Pittsburgh so you could find where to get what you needed, and we could keep small businesses open. We kept up some happy talk, recipes and activities to do with your family.
We did our best.
And in spite of my best efforts, we just couldn’t find things to say, or people to talk, and the site went dark.
It’s time to give this one final effort. This is a community-service project. No one, including me, gets paid for NN.
But it’s rewarding, a great portfolio piece and you’ll get real training on journalistic writing, editing and even search engine optimization.
If you’re interested in bridging the gap of news coverage in Bellevue, Avalon, Ohio Township, Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, West View, Brighton Heights and Avonworth, let’s talk. Email work@noboneighbor.com.
I hope to hear from you soon…
Meg Watt
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Meg A. Watt

Meg is relatively new to the Pittsburgh scene but she's already made herself a community fixture through her involvement in community events, boards, and this site. She started her career as a journalist and still writes daily as a Content Director, and loves that this publication lets her come full circle with those skills - and her love of the North Boroughs. You can also find her writing on www.lit.buzz where she waxes poetic about all the books she loves. If you see her around Lincoln Avenue, she likely has her husband, grown daughters or a pack of dogs around; don't worry, no one bites! (And before you ask, yes; that is really her name)

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