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Cannabis and Canines and Kitties…Oh My!

Local business owner brings the benefits of CBD to area pets

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No, this is not an article about getting your dog high.

Millie waits for a bacon and cheese flavored SUNMED CBD treat at Your CBD Store of Bellevue. Meg A. Watt/NoBoNeighbor.com

If you, like many, do not understand the differences between marijuana and the CBD commercially available everywhere now, the first thing you need to know is that “Cannabidiol” (aka CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound.

Want to know more? Meet Kathy Romero.

The owner of Your CBD Store of Bellevue, Romero has been educating and advocating the use of hemp-based health and beauty derivatives to North Boroughs residents for a little over a year.

Recently, she realized a need for more outreach to pet owners who may not understand the benefits of CBD for their four-legged friends. “There’s no placebo effect (with pets),” she said.

These bottles of SUNMED peanut-butter flavored oil products display the “USDA Organic” logo, something Romero says sets her company’s products apart from others on the market. Meg A. Watt/NoBoNeighbor.com

“It doesn’t cure or heal, but it makes symptoms more tolerable.”

And that’s why local pet owners have returned month after month for the oils and treats her shop provides to help with everything from anxiety to arthritis. “I talk to their human and get a feel for what’s going on, and we try some things out.”

Not sure CBD is right for your Fido or feline? Romero will help you assess your pet by symptoms and then provide a solution that best suits them. Working with a professional who fully understands the uses and effects of CBD is essential, though. “AΒ  lot of people sell CBD but don’t understand it.”

Knowing how to properly dose your pet is a big part of success “because they can’t tell us how they feel,” she said.Β  Romero often gets calls from people who purchased oils and products from random stores or internet sites, and they have no idea how much to give their animal.Β  Romero works with her pet owners to assure the animals are getting just what they need.

Kathy Romero poses with Your CBD Store of Bellevue mascot, Teddy, and his owner, Katie Bleakley, of Bellevue. Courtesy of Tilted Glass Photography

Last Saturday, for National Love Your Pet Day, Your CBD Store of Bellevue announced the winner of their social media search for a mascot: Teddy. A local favorite on Lincoln Avenue, Teddy is often seen walking with his owners and perusing pet-friendly storefronts for snacks. “He always comes to the door when he’s getting walked. He knows I have the treats,” laughed Romero.

She keeps both CBD-infused and regular snacks for area pups, and welcomes them in the shop with their owners.

Romero contends that whether your pet is having trouble with the steps at home, or dealing with Pittsburgh’s endless fireworks, CBD can be just the ticket to give them relief.

Teddy will soon be the focus of some fun campaigns around pets and CBD, which Romero hopes will help more owners come in to learn more. “It’s so beneficial, and I love to see (the pets) feeling better, and hearing from their owners how well

A shelf at Your CBD Store of Bellevue displays an assortment of products for adults and kids. Meg A. Watt/NoBoNeighbor.com

they’re doing! It gives me joy!”

If you’re curious about CBD benefits for your pet or yourself, go grab an armchair at Your CBD Store of Bellevue and let Romero educate you. “It’s my passion. I know this is what I am meant to do.”

Your CBD Store of Bellevue carries a full line of health and beauty CBD-based products. The store is daily – Monday through Friday from 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm. You can find out more via their website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Some photos in this article were shared courtesy of Tilted Glass Photography.
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