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Coffee Therapy

Coffee is brewing in the North Boro's!

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I like BIG cups and I cannot lie. 

(coffee cups that is)

I said to my coffee today, “Be strong today!”

Here in the North Boroughs there are only a few coffee shops. The coffee here is made to perfection every way you look. You could drive to Mount Nebo and get a good cup of coffee at Starbucks, located inside of target. If you don’t feel like driving you can get your coffee from “The Muddy Cup” located right in the center of Lincoln Avenue. If your in a rush you can swing by one of the drive thru coffee shops, “Dunkin’ Donuts”, or “Bean Thru. If you like a local walkable coffee shop you may choose “Anchor and Anvil,” in the center of Ben Avon. If your really hungry and just want a basic cup of coffee you may choose one of the local breakfast joints, “Chev and Rachels,” The Rusy Nail,” “Bellevue Diner,” or “Dari Villa.” All of these places can give you a satisfying cup of coffee.

I’m addicted to the pot

(of coffee)

Anchor and Anvil Coffee Bar is located right in Ben Avon, at 7221 Church Avenue. They serve coffee, of all varieties, but have a daily selection of both baked goods, muffins, scones, cookies and brownies. They offer biscotti, macaroons, donuts (on Saturdays), panini sandwiches, quesadillas, salads, and other breakfast items.

The owners of this wonderful coffee shop are Andrew and Tracy Theobald. The two of them opened their shop in May of 2014. They opened after another coffee shop  closed. They did so well, that they opened another location in Coraopolis in 2017. If you don’t like crowds I would avoid going their Saturday mornings as it is their busiest time. A regular group of retired gentlemen keep them busy on Monday mornings as well. The couple serve espresso (a seasonal blend from Ritual coffee). You can get espresso in the form of a latte, cappucino, macchiato, americano, or a mocha. The coffee they use is exclusively brewed from “Madcap Coffee.” There are several signature drinks as well. They have a wide selection of teas as well. Did you want a smoothie too? Yes, they serve smoothies. You may also select hot chocolate, cider, and steamers.

“The most popular coffeeis a hard question because we feature a number of different roasters, both local and from places like Portland, Philadelphia, Ithaca, State College, Tulsa and we are hoping to add another one soon in Brooklyn,” Andrew confirmed.

Here are the most popular signature drinks:

The Parking Chair- An iced, creamy and slightly sweet espresso drink that is similar in taste to melted coffee ice cream.

The Smokestack- A mocha that is slightly lighter on chocolate with added Wiggle Whiskey mole’ bitters and a dusting of chipotle powder. It’s especially popular during the colder months.

Andrew and Tracy opened in this area because they have lived in the area for the past 14 years. They are members of Community Presbyterian Church of Ben Avon. Andrew came from an office job, and wanted to do something that would create an experience. Tracy is an elementary science teacher for Pittsburgh Public Schools.

They certainly do make experiences. Four years ago, they held a wedding reception for a wonderful young couple from Avalon. “I am touched by their desire to have such a special ceremony here at our business,” claimed Andrew. Another memorable moment is the day they discovered their baker. Kate Monti, also a member of the community, and Avonworth school board member, volunteered to make blueberry and lemon scones. Now she bakes with a passion and is an incredible team member. Kate has a leap year birthday!

“The staff we had has been wonderful. The neighbors here are amazing. We hope we get to do this for a very, very long time,” said Andrew.

Visit their website at anchoranvilcoffee.com or find them on facebook or instagram for more information.

This town runs on Love & Coffee.”

Another local coffee shop is “The Muddy Cup.” The shop is located at 569 Lincoln Avenue, in Bellevue. Established in 2008, “The Muddy Cup,” has a wide variety of all of your beverage needs. When you first walk in the aroma of coffee alone awakes your senses. You can choose from coffee, tea, frozen beverages, hot chocolate. The staff is extremely friendly, and are very knowledgeable in their coffee. Their bonus perk for purchasing coffee from them is a punch card. For every drink you purchase, you recieve a punch. After 9 punches you recieve a free cup of coffee or specialty drink.

You can find “The Muddy Cup” at 1412 Potomac Ave in Dormont or at 569 Lincoln Avenue in Bellevue. Drink up!

I don’t need an inspirational quote…. I NEED COFFEE!”

Another great local coffee shop is “Bean Thru.” It is located at 4221 Ohio River Boulevard in Bellevue. It isn’t like the coffee shops listed above, because it is Drive-Thru only. It is great when you just want a delicious cup of coffee on the go. This is usually my go-to place because I am always on the run. This coffee shop has hot drinks, iced drinks, blended drinks, smoothies, food, and bulk coffee. They use organic brewed coffee that people call “fantastic.” One of their most common drinks is the caramel macchiato, in which a staff member varified. They have a super secret menu that includes a banana foster latte, elvis latte, nuts about caramel latte, chocolate covered strawberry mocha, seventh heaven white chocolate mocha and many more that you can find at either of their two locations or their website, www.beanthru.com.

They are located at 4221 Ohio River Blvd in Bellevue, and 1921 William Flinn Highway in Glenshaw. They also have a facebook page.

Coffee and Friends make the perfect Blend. “

You can always make your coffee at home. Here are some different types of coffee drinks that you can make or order.

Espresso- a strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground beans

Double- two shots of espresso

Americano- An espresso shot with hot water

Macchiato- espresso with a dash of frothed steamed milk

Cortado- espresso with warm milk and foam

Breve- espresso with half & half creamer, steamed milk, and foam

Cappuccino- Espresso with steamed milk, foamed milk, and a hint of chocolate

Flat white- espresso and steamed milk (lots of milk)

Cafe’ Latte- a small amount of espresso, a lot of steamed milk, and foam

Mocha- espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, and whipped cream

Affagato- espresso and iced cream

Cafe au lait- french pressed coffee and hot milk mixed equally

Iced coffee- syrup, espresso, ice, and milk.

Whether you stop in to enjoy a local coffee shop, or brew at home you can always add different variations of milk (skim, almond, coconut, soy) and flavors. Enjoy your next cup of coffee and don’t forget to check out these coffee shops.

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Casey is a North Borough local. She was born and raised in Bellevue, and currently resides in Avalon. She has been doing hair since 2001, and currently works full time in a Gibsonia salon. She has 2 kids, 14 years and 18 months old. She has been married for almost 8 years to another local. Both Casey and her husband Luke graduated from Northgate in 2004. She enjoys skiing, boating, camping, reading and reality television.

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