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Holiday Drive

A Guide to Finding the Magic of the Season Just a Short Drive Away

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A home on Maple Drive in Ross Township.

Driving around the neighborhood to look at holiday decorations is always fun, but this year, it’s the perfect safe, easy, and free holiday activity! A lot of houses are decked out, so put on something cozy, put hot cocoa in a to-go cup, load the family in the car and get out for a drive! Here is a list of streets we’ve heard are worth checking out:  

Ross Township:

  • Longmount Drive
  • Ravenswood Ave
  • Spruce Valley Drive
  • Madison Circle
  • Maple Drive


  • California Ave
  • Cleveland Ave
  • Eugene Ave
  • S Birmingham
  • Hamilton Ave


  • Riverview Ave
  • South Euclid Ave
  • North Euclid Ave
  • Arch Ave
  • Beech st (off of N. Fremont)
  • Ambard Ave (off of N. Balph)
  • Shade Ave

Do you know any other must-see streets in the area that we missed? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add your suggestions to our list. Tag us in your pictures on social media at #nobolights and we’ll feature some of your homes on our social media!

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Alisa moved to Bellevue in 2012. Living here has transformed her from socially awkward homebody to someone who thrives on being part of a community. Some of her favorite ways of getting involved in the North Boroughs have been: teaching at Mariposa Theatre for Young Audiences, being a part of the Wizardvue planning team, acting with the Community Theatre Players, and giving tours of Bayne Library while telling ghost stories. She lives with her husband and two daughters, and they love to throw geeky parties. Alisa is a walking showtune, multi-fandom nerd, and a Hufflepuff.

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