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Last Minute Holiday Cheer

DIY Decor Dash

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The Holiday season is in full swing, and as we get closer and closer to the 25th, you may be looking to add some last minute cheer to your quarantine cave dwelling (aka your home). Here are some relatively easy, last minute decorating ideas sure to put a twinkle in your eye.


Do you have extra or slightly damaged ornaments? Instead of throwing them back in the box, make them the star of your centerpiece! Arrange them in a bowl, or under a glass cloche. Mix colors, textures, and styles together for more visual interest.

Extra miniature ornaments are great as lantern filler. Add a strand of twinkle lights, and make that lantern earn its keep. LED strand lights are incredibly versatile, and with rechargeable batteries and built in timers they’re much more environmentally friendly than the giant lights of Christmas past.

Don’t have any lanterns lying around? Don’t worry! You can make your own with empty glass jars from the pantry. Make pasta tonight and reuse that sauce jar tomorrow. Decorate the outsides with homemade snowflakes, or use craft paper to make colorful ornament designs. Add a strand of twinkle lights and your space is already three times cozier (and sure to make any Grinch smile).

If you want a show stopper that’s also ridiculously easy, make a winter wonderland in empty vases or apothecary jars. This idea is 100% credited to the local Buy Nothing group (a great resource if you are looking to spend less, reuse more, and connect with your community). Use fake snow or cotton fluff, pipe cleaner trees, and miniature houses to build your world (you can craft houses out of empty toilet paper rolls if you’re looking to customize), and add twinkle lights to make the whole thing magical.

The absolute easiest thing you can do to make your space more festive: Put A Bow On It! Whatever you’ve usually got adding charm and personality to your home, leave it in place and just add a bow. If you’ve saved the last 10 years worth of ribbons off the chocolates your aunt always gives you (who would do that?!), tie them around every single thing you see. Every object is a potential present to yourself!


Get creative, be resourceful, and have fun! This year no one’s coming over to judge you, so get out the glitter and go for it.

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