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DIY Ornament with Crafting Scraps

Turn used thread bits, scraps of yarn, or bits of fabric into a cute keepsake

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If you’re a crafter, you know what it means to have bits and pieces left over at the end of or, honestly, in the middle of a project. It always feels rather wasteful to me to toss out things that could be used for something.

A minuscule sample of the bits of thread I have collected.

I’m big into cross stitch, so after hearing about ORT (“Old Raggedy or Ratty Threads”) jar ornaments toward the end of 2017, I started saving my thread bits. I had never heard of ORTs before, however. What did it actually mean? After a little research, I found that the term ORT was originally meant to refer to leftover food scraps. It’s unclear when crafters started using it for their own means. Stitched Modern has a nice little summary.

Armed with this knowledge, I gathered my thread bits from every project I finished in 2018 and made my first ORT jar ornament at the end of that year. It was easy, inexpensive, and looks great on my family’s Christmas tree. Flash forward to this year: I made a little video tutorial that might be useful if you’re looking to try the same. So grab your thread bits, your yarn scraps, your tiny bits of fabric, your paper remainders and check it out.

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Born in Pittsburgh, but raised in Michigan, Erika made her triumphant return to the Steel City in 2008 to attend graduate school at Duquesne University where she earned a Masters in Public History. She moved to Bellevue from the East End in 2017, in search of a small town environment in which to raise a family. Erika immediately jumped into the deep end of local volunteerism: she is one of the founders of the Bellevue Farmers Market, currently serves as the Vice President of the Friends of Bayne Library, as well as the planning team that brought the community WizardVue. Erika is passionate about local history, sewing, cross stitch, and her friends & family and is looking forward to creating more magic in the community via The Nobo Neighbor. She lives in her Forever Bellevue home with her husband, two small boys, and two geriatric cats.

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