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Why the BLM movement won't matter until you take it beyond social media

Read our positioning on Black Lives Matter

Hi, I’m Meg and I am the Editor-in-Chief here at NoBo Neighbor. In our first two months, I’ve worked really hard to provide a venue for honest (and hopefully, uplifting) stories about the amazing people, businesses and organizations in our community. We are a completely volunteer operation, and I am the only seasoned journalist and editor on the staff, but that hasn’t stopped the incredible team here from putting out amazing content. (Thank them. seriously. They’re amazing.)

Now that you know who I am, I am going to tell you I hadn’t planned to post much in the way of editorial on NN. To be frank, editorials are about one person’s opinions and usually take publications down really dark paths that have little to do with building up the community and a lot to do with politics.

That’s not who we want to be, not who we are, nor what I will ever let us be.

As we watch from our cozy corner of Pittsburgh in our world in the last few weeks, many have made this a political issue. Indeed, politicians will be needed to enact real change. But race is not political. Humanity is NOT political. Empathy is NOT POLITICAL. I have made sure our actions are always about our whole community. I manage our social myself and work hard to keep it balanced, but recently have attempted to put an emphasis on Black-Owned Businesses, particularly in our Instagram stories. To me, it’s about what you do every day, in every action.

Today, we’re adding banners to every page of this site to remind you that our stance is to value and embrace every.single.member of our community as we openly and officially join the Black Lives Matter movement. We, as a publication, support our local and regional neighbors, business owners and organizations regardless of race, creed, religion or sexual identity.

None of this matters until you take the steps to move this beyond social media. It’s not enough to add a hashtag to your social media profile. It has to be more than theoretical support.


Mariah Pauling, left, and Rebecca Mitchell, right, at the Bellevue, PA Black Lives Matter March (June 11, 2020)

Well, at today’s protest in Bellevue, 16-year-old Rebecca Mitchell stated it better than I could. “It’s too important. This isn’t about just right now. This is about our children and our children’s children.”

Mitchell’s best friend, Mariah Pauling, another Bellevue teen, looked at her friend and said, “Something could happen to her that can’t happen to me because I’m white.”

Our kids get it. Our parents supposedly got it. We supposedly got it.

But we’re still here talking.  STOP TALKING. Demand change – not just on social media but from your legislators in Harrisburg and DC, and in the voting booth. Demand better of your neighbors. Demand MORE of yourself.

No more keyboard warriors. It’s time to act, for our children and our children’s children. Where will you start?


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Meg A. Watt

Meg is relatively new to the Pittsburgh scene but she's already made herself a community fixture through her involvement in community events, boards, the SHOP Bellevue social and this site. She started her career as a journalist and still writes daily as a Content Director, and loves that this publication lets her come full circle with those skills - and her love of the North Boroughs. You can also find her writing on www.lit.buzz where she waxes poetic about all the books she loves. If you see her around Lincoln Avenue, she likely has her husband, grown daughters or a pack of dogs around; don't worry, no one bites! (And before you ask, yes; that is really her name)

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