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Kindness to All

In times of social distance and quarantine during the COVID-19 Pandemic, it downright stinks that we cannot be with those we care about outside of our household. We miss our friends, our family, our coworkers and our own needs to be social out in the world. It’s ok and normal to grieve for these things.

We want and need to care for others during this time. But, even before that, we must care for ourselves and know that we are worthy for our own sake. Only, then can we send our kindness outward. We are not our jobs, our duties, our obligations. Those things are only what we do, they are not us.

What Can We Do?

When sharing a physical space is impossible, seeding your loving-kindness outward through Metta Meditation can be helpful for our well-being. There are science-backed benefits to this type of mediation including an increase in positive emotions and feeling of social connection. Who doesn’t need a dose of that right now? I sure do.

Metta meditation is a concentration-based practice in which we direct loving kindness toward ourselves and others. We start with kindness towards ourselves, then towards somebody we care about. Then, somebody we are indifferent towards, then somebody you have difficulty with. Finally, we direct loving-kindness toward all beings everywhere.

You can be in any position to practice this mediation, it only takes a few minutes. Finding a quiet place is helpful. To begin, close your eyes (if comfortable), and breath slowly. Next, begin focusing on the follow phrases (mantra):

  • Be safe
  • Be happy
  • Be healthy
  • Live with ease

The mantra remain the same throughout, but the focus changes as you send kindness further afield. Feeling and thoughts will come and go. If you mind wanders, bring it back to to the phrases above.

If you find it difficult to send kindness to anyone during this meditation, direct kindness back to yourself. Once all phrases are complete, stay in a comfortable position and breathe slowly, then slowly open your eyes, letting the world come back to you.


You can follow along below or with me

Metta Meditation (Loving-Kindness)

  • Self:
    • May I be safe
    • May I be happy
    • May I be healthy
    • May I live with ease
  • Someone you like, someone you love, are grateful for:
    • May you be safe
    • May you be happy
    • May you be healthy
    • May you live with ease
  • Someone that is having difficulty:
    • May you be safe
    • May you be happy
    • May you be healthy
    • May you live with ease
  • Someone you don’t know well:
    • May you be safe
    • May you be happy
    • May you be healthy
    • May you live with ease
  • Someone you dislike, is causing you stress or have a quarrel with:
    • May you be safe
    • May you be happy
    • May you be healthy
    • May you live with ease
  • To all sentient beings (people, animals), everywhere:
    • May they be safe
    • May they be happy
    • May they be healthy
    • May they live with ease

What is the new normal? Who can say? What I do know, is that we need compassion and understanding now more than ever. Please keep sending kindness to all beings in this difficult time, especially yourself.

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Natalie @thelotuspeople

Natalie Roberson has been living in Bellevue, PA for over a decade and has seen the neighborhood evolve in the best ways. She is a Yoga Alliance registered instructor and credits her yoga practice with adding balance to her life in the tech industry. When not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find her working with data, knitting, reading, gaming, writing for the NoBo Neighbor or just hanging out her family which includes three small dogs. Natalie Roberson, E-RYT 200, RPYT, YACEP - https://thelotuspeople.com

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