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OPEN in the North Boroughs

An evolving list of local businesses open during the COVID-19 crisis

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Currently open… please verify through means suggested below before heading out. (Fill out the form below for inclusion.)

These are scary and uncertain times.

We’re all trying to sort through all the social posts, articles and conversations for a semblance of what’s actually happening and trustworthy information. We’re leaving the heavy lifting on coronavirus details. COVID-19 is clearly here for the moment and interrupting our daily lives for the foreseeable future.

We launched The Noble Neighbor yesterday, a Facebook group allowing people to offer and ask for help during these trying times. Please join in and share reliable information about services available, to offer support or to ask for what you need (even anonymously).

As of this initial publication, Governor Wolf has ordered all restaurants and bars to cease dine-in options for 14 days, and requested non-essential businesses to close. With this in mind, we want to provide the community access to information.

No one saw coronavirus coming, but the world joins together in the battle for our parents and grandparents, as well as those who are immunocompromised. The NoBo Neighbor shows our solidarity for the local businesses we visit, celebrate and share every day.

Tonight, we’re launching OPEN in the North Boroughs.

We ask that if you are a responsible party (owner, manager, etc.) for a local business (and are open for business) please share your current status, hours and how customers can stay up-to-date. Your responses will be shared in this post, and updated every few hours to assure accuracy.

Please let us help in this small way.

We stand with you,

Meg Watt
The NoBo Neighbor

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Meg A. Watt

Meg is relatively new to the Pittsburgh scene but she's already made herself a community fixture through her involvement in community events, boards, the SHOP Bellevue social and this site. She started her career as a journalist and still writes daily as a Content Director, and loves that this publication lets her come full circle with those skills - and her love of the North Boroughs. You can also find her writing on www.lit.buzz where she waxes poetic about all the books she loves. If you see her around Lincoln Avenue, she likely has her husband, grown daughters or a pack of dogs around; don't worry, no one bites! (And before you ask, yes; that is really her name)

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